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What is Groomerica?

According to Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary the word Groomerica is “any and all things related to and or about the American men’s grooming industry”. Okay I’ll admit it we aren’t quite in the dictionary just yet! However if we were that’s what the definition would likely read. It’s really a blogging site developed by a thirty something year old guy from Southern California who decided to bring attention and income to the under recognized industry of men’s grooming as a whole.

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How Punky & Groomerica Came Together

Over the last several months I’ve done a tremendous amount of research on how to increase the store Punky men’s grooming products SEO. What I found and learned is it comes down to content, content and content. You can pay for the inorganic results which only last for so long, or you can build your SEO over time through the formation of backlinks and content on your pages organically building SEO. One of the ways you can build content is through blogging, which in itself has created and paved the way for much of the internet we have today. The problem one faces in owning a shop and blogging is that there is a distinct line between the two. Most...

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