How Punky & Groomerica Came Together

Over the last several months I’ve done a tremendous amount of research on how to increase the store Punky men’s grooming products SEO. What I found and learned is it comes down to content, content and content. You can pay for the inorganic results which only last for so long, or you can build your SEO over time through the formation of backlinks and content on your pages organically building SEO. One of the ways you can build content is through blogging, which in itself has created and paved the way for much of the internet we have today. The problem one faces in owning a shop and blogging is that there is a distinct line between the two. Most e-commerce plateforms are designed to sell products, while most blogs are designed for blogging. It hasn’t been until recently that platforms such as WooCommerce and others integrated well into blogging sites especially those on Wordpress. 


So here was were my choices in creating SEO content...

E-Commerce platform with poor blogging abilities

Blogging platform with relatively new e-commerce abilities 

Combination of both e-commerce site with blog site separate from one another but heavily linked


Now the first two options are certainly strong choices but are lacking in desired traits for both selling on a blog and blogging on an e-commerce site. The last choice is what I decided to go with for a few different reasons. One of the main reasons is I’am relatively new to e-commerce, infact many of you may already know Punky was my first online store. In being new to e-commerce I wanted to work on a platform designed for that purpose. 

There was also a desire to make a Wordpress blog site and see how I could get it linked both here and there with this person or that person. Nearly 30% of online sites are that of Wordpress so clearly there is something their doing right over there. When the idea of Punky came up I wanted to find a platform that was designed with my skills in mind. I tend to bite off more then I can chew and in my research it seemed that my best choice would be Shopify as your progress on the site it is geared towards opening and maintaining a store. I could very well have picked a Wordpress platform with WooCommerce being what I would have used, however it would had taken me months to master all that you need to know in running an online store. Shopify makes one of the hardest things very very easy in that of payments made and received. I was willing to sacrifice a little bit of change on a purchase in order to make sure that everything was done legitimately & correct so as to not upset the customer, the government, or myself. Seeing how your starting a business with not only your money but also somebody else’s in the form of a payment for product I wouldn’t know the half of it on integrating a payment gateway. Which could mean loss of sales and or my a loss of my own money. 

So I decided on a combination of both a website dedicated to shopping through Shopify, in which we have our e-commerce store Punky and a Wordpress blogging site called Groomerica. In the future we may find one to be more profitable via traffic then the other we will have the ability to merge or integrate into one platform. It will likely be an integration into WooCommerce through Wordpress, although who’s to say that Shopify doesn’t step up their blogging features in the future? Many will say it is best to use one or the other when forming an online store as the SEO generated from both the blog and product content will help organically grow the store with regards to search engine ranking. However there’s been little to be said about linking the two entities through backlinks and promoting. I’m a huge fan of both disciplines and feel that there is benefits to using both an e-commerce store and a dedicated blogging site. We will start to worry about SEO once Punky or Groomerica becomes more successful in moving product!

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