What is Groomerica?

Simply put the name Groomerica is the combination of grooming and America. My goal in starting Punky (shop) was to provide men with dedicated grooming store in which they could find and purchase American made men’s grooming products. But due to the limited abilities of my e-commerce platform Shopify the need for an additional blogging site in the future is starting to become evident. As much as I love Shopify there is not much attention paid to the blogging feature they provide with their website themes. And really most e-commerce shops do not require and or need a blogging function (albeit they should) so really a whole lot of attention isn’t necessarily paid here! This is were Groomerica comes in to the picture! Groomerica will focus on all things related to men’s grooming specifically in that of American made products. I will not limit the blog to just products but rather it will encorporate many other areas of the industry as I see fit. This could include new barbershop openings, events, individuals and so on. 

someones could literally spend a lifetime going through all it’s in’s and out’s. Nearly 30% of all websites on the internet are Wordpress sites and it’s obvious why after you play around with it for some time. Groomerica is going to ultimately become my attention getter as the months roll on with my online store Punky. Little has been done in the way of blogging that has been posted however there currently are about 3 articles/blogs that I have in the works which attention will be directed to very soon.

Now I mentioned this in previous blogs which is why not just run the shop through Wordpress all together through Woocommerce? Simply put I didn’t have the knowledge or time to review all the necessary and needed Information to do so. There is a lot of attention that needs to be paid when opening an online store for the first time and I didn’t want to “practice” on Punky. Shopify makes starting an online store fast, fun, and easy which is exactly what I needed to get going! 

I’ve been extremely happy with Shopify and all the add-ons that they have related to running your own online store. I feel that there’s two possible outcomes within the next year or so. The first is I Shopify ups their blogging features which will not require any work on my behalf, allowing me to stay with Shopify. The second and probably more logical event will be the merge of Punkyshop.com and Groomerica into one giant conglomerate of American made men’s grooming products and services. We look forward to sharing in the future with you our customers and subscribers! 

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