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Nowadays men have a huge selection of shaving supplies all of which are not created equally and the choices can be daunting. When addressing shaving questions skincare becomes extremly important. How we handle skincare surrounding shaving usually involves some pretty important questions as follows, do you wet shave or dry shave? Before you actually shave either wet or dry do you use a shaving specific pre shave face wash or do you use just a regular bar of soap? If you wet shave do you use a safety razor, straight razor or disposable razor? Did you apply a shaving cream or a pre shave oil? Lastly what do you do after you shave, do you use a natural aftershave product often times found as an aftershave lotion or an aftershave balm? Or do you use an alcohol based astringent after shave usually found as a liquid or tonic? Well i have good news for you guys, some of the best mens shaving supplies are believe or not made in America.On Punky we have hand picked some of the best of the best shaving supplies that surely will help with your skin care regimen whether that be a wet shave or dry shave approach!