About Us

What is Punky? Well, let's start off by explaining the name Punky as this is often asked. Punky is the nickname my mother Lori the president of the business has for me and has called me it since I was born! It's a fun name and does not have any relationship to the definition of Punky in the dictionary. As you can probably deduce that the name has nothing to do with men's grooming! The name was decided upon As a show of respect & appreciation to the number one women in my life which is my mom!

So what are we all about at Punky? Punky is an online business that is dedicated to providing men a easy quick place to purchase grooming products that are not only a premium quality but that do what you purchased them to do. Now what separates us from other men's grooming companies and just companies in general is that all our products are sourced through small independent American companies. These companies are truly the backbone of the United States, they prove to be crucial for creating jobs and sustaining the economy.

At Punky we do our best to create a simple & effective shopping experience specifically designed for men. One of the ways we have done this is by minimizing the amount of brands we carry for each product. We feel that offering just the best of the best in each product gives men the ability to purchase a product that they can appreciate and benefit from. The reason being is that no matter what brand they decide on we can feel confident in the fact that they will be happy with the results from using it. Men can trust in our brand decision as the products offered are all products we would or do use ourselves. 

When you shop Punky you will be able to make all your grooming purchases in a clean comfortable purchasing environment for a premium effective product that is appropriately priced and beneficial to our nation!