Punky Sack Spray by BALLWASH
Punky Sack Spray by BALLWASH

Sack Spray by BALLWASH

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Does your junk smell like junk?

Ever have a date after a rough day at work or a spur of the moment encounter after an intense work out at the gym? No time to shower and your not feeling fresh down south what the hell are you to do?

BALLWASH has you covered literally, with their soothing pH balanced Sack Spray which helps eliminates and neutralize foul odors while moisturizing and refreshing your family jewels.

The emulsifying moisture rich spray helps to soften, calm and moisturize the effect area.

The use of a inc and castor seed oil, act as your boys defenders neutralizing naturally.

Natural Botanicals such as green tea, witch hazel, and chamomile act asWith green tea, aloe vera, witch hazel and chamomile can aid in healing and repairing your skin.

 The use of extracts from lavender and tea tree oil act as antiseptic & antibacterial agents. 

What good would all this be if you didn’t actually smell good after using it? The fresh clean scent lasts giving you confidence that come game time your boys will be ready to shine!